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Shader Ops 2
Shader Ops 2 is a collection of shader plug-ins for Carrara; Light Mangler, Multi Ops, Camera Mapping, and more. Remix your shaders after the lighting is done with Light Mangler. Multi Ops and a new in channel Layers List simplify the shading tree. Camera Mapping opens new avenues for mixing in real world footage or photos.
Light Mangler UI

Light Mangler

Light Mangler is a whole new way to remix shaders in Carrara after the lighting calculations are done. Use Shader Ops 2 as a Top Shader. It will calculate the shading for the Shader child channel and then you can change those results using the other child shaders.

If you leave the other child shaders set to None it will use the original calculated values. You can access those original calculated values in the Shader Ops 2 Light Manglers group. The Calculated shaders will simply return red outside of being called as child of Light Mangler.

  1. Calculate Backgrounds and Calculate Illumination tell Light Mangler to calculate values for the Calculated Illumination and Calculated Background shaders. Those are the two shader components that Light Mangler cannot automatically determine if there is something interesting there. Turning those off will speed up Light Mangler if you know you don't need them.
Space Mangler UI

Space Mangler

Space Mangler remaps global, local, and UV coordinates into other spaces. It can be a channel or top shader.
  1. Each coordinate has a drop down next to it to select how to remap it. The first groups of selections are other coordinates.

    The Cos(U), Sin(U), Cos(V), and Sin(V) are useful for wrapping 3D objects that have UV coordinates.

    Constant lets you specify a particular value in that channel.
    Global X, Y, and Z at origin are helpful when you have a moving object that you want map using Global space.
  2. The Scale sliders adjust the relative values.
Blur UI


Blur can be a channel or top shader.
  1. The Blur slider controls how much to blur the child shader. The greater the value the more render time required.
Crop UV UI

Crop UV

Crop UV remaps the UV space to a limited portion. It can be a channel or top shader.
  1. Use the U and V sliders to crop the UV mapping.

Multi Ops

The Multi Op shaders are a collection of operators that allow more than two child shaders at the same time. Use the plus button to add a new child shader.
  1. Multi Accumulate works by adding all the child shaders together.
  2. Multi Add works like the built in Add operator and averages the child shaders.
  3. Multi Max works like the original Shader Ops Max operator and finds the maximum value of all the child shaders.
  4. Multi Min works like the original Shader Ops Min operator and finds the minimum value of all the child shaders.
  5. Multi Mixer works like the built in Mixer operator and blends the child shaders based on the value of the Blender child shader.
  6. Multi Multiply works like the built in Multiply operator and multiplies all the child shaders.
  7. Multi Subtract works like the built in Subtract operator and subtracts the child shaders from the first child shader.
Camera Mapping UI

Camera Mapping

The Camera Mapping shader projects UV space from a camera's point of view. It can be a channel or top shader.
  1. When Camera Mapping is a top shader, the Apply To drop down lists the shading domains. If selected, the projection only applies to the shading domain.
  2. By default the projection will be from the rendering camera. If you want to project from a different camera, enter its name in the Camera field.
  3. The Projection Ratio is used to adjust the height and width of the projection. The drop down has a few common source ratios. Pick or enter a ratio that matches your source material.

Layers List and Layer

Layers List is an in channel version of Carrara's Layers List. Apply the same techniques as a the Layers List Top Shader to your single channel shaders.

Add a Shader Ops 2 Layers List as your channel shader. Use the + button and pick a Shader Ops 2 Layer. The Opacity Mask will control how the Shader will blend with the previous layer. In the first Layer, the Opacity Mask is ignored.

How do I...

Install Shader Ops 2?

Extract and copy the files to the extensions or plugins directory.

For Carrara 8.x

On the PC, it is the Carrara8\Extensions directory. If you installed Carrara to the default location, this is C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara8\Extensions or C:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\Carrara8\Extensions.

For Carrara 7.2

On the PC, it is the Carrara 7 Pro\Extensions directory. If you installed Carrara to the default location, this is C:\Program Files\DAZ\Carrara 7 Pro\Extensions.

On the Mac, OS X.

  1. Open the Carrara 7 folder.
  2. Ctrl-click on the Carrara application and select Show Package Contents.
  3. In the newly opened Finder window, navigate to Contents\MacOS\Extensions.
  4. Extract the contents of the ZIP and copy them there.

Enter my serial number?

After purchasing Shader Ops 2 you will be emailed a serial number. If you open a scene with Shader Ops 2 or use Shader Ops 2 in a scene, the Enter Serial Number window will display. Enter your serial number in the field provided and click OK to continue.

Evaluation Mode

Shader Ops 2 supports an evaluation mode which allows you to try out Shader Ops 2 before purchasing it. When the Shader Ops 2 Enter Serial Number window is displayed, just click Cancel to go into evaluation mode. During evaluation mode, the Shader Ops 2 will only work for a limited amount of time before you need to close and reopen Carrara.

Release Notes

March 22, 2014

  1. Fixed a problem where child shaders of Camera Mapping would not animate.


$29.95 US dollars for a single user license. The single user license includes the right to use the product with up to 5 render nodes using Carrara 6.0 Pro or better. Pricing is also available for a render node site license for use with Grid.


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