DCG Importer
The DCG Importer lets you render simulations and animations from your favorite 3D tools that export sequenced OBJs.
Sequenced OBJ Importer UI

Sequenced OBJ Importer

The DCG Sequenced OBJ Importer will import sequenced OBJ files. When you select an OBJ file to import in Carrara, you will be presented with a dialog lets you pick which OBJ importer to use. Select the Sequenced OBJ by DCG option to continue.

The options on the Sequenced OBJ Import dialog are similar to the ones on Carrara's built in OBJ Import dialog. Generally, if your sequenced OBJ already has normals that you do not want to be changed, pick Vertex Primitives. It will retain the surface normals from the OBJ file. Otherwise pick Facet Meshes. It is a faster import and allows you to adjust the Smoothing Angle.

Sequenced OBJ Primitive UI

Sequenced OBJ Primitive

The Sequence OBJ Primitive helps you manage your sequenced OBJ animation. Again the same options are presented to control how the OBJ is imported, but there are two additional options. These options are available in the Model room when the imported object is selected.

  1. The Animate slider is used to control the animation of the sequenced OBJs. If you want Carrara to render a single frame for each frame of a sequenced OBJ, set the Animate slider to 100% on the same frame as you have frames in your sequenced OBJ.
  2. The Preview drop down lets you control how the Sequence OBJ Primitive shows in the 3DView. Current Frame will display the sequenced OBJ as it is rendered. Bounding Box will only display a bounding box and can be faster to display for some heavy meshes. The Sequenced OBJ Primitive will always display as a bounding box in the Storyboard room, unless the full mesh is already loaded.

How do I...

Install DCG Importer?

Extract and copy the files to the extensions or plugins directory.

For Carrara 8.x

On Windows it is the Carrara8\Extensions directory. If you installed Carrara to the default location, this is C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara8\Extensions or C:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\Carrara8\Extensions.

On OS X.

  1. Open the Carrara 8 folder.
  2. Ctrl-click on the Carrara application and select Show Package Contents.
  3. In the newly opened Finder window, navigate to Contents\MacOS\Extensions.
  4. Extract the contents of the ZIP and copy them there.

Enter my serial number?

After purchasing DCG Importer you will be emailed a serial number. If you open a scene with DCG Importer or use DCG Importer in a scene, the Enter Serial Number window will display. Enter your serial number in the field provided and click OK to continue.

Evaluation Mode

DCG Importer supports an evaluation mode which allows you to try out DCG Importer before purchasing it. When the DCG Importer Enter Serial Number window is displayed, just click Cancel to go into evaluation mode. During evaluation DCG Importer will stop animating after the 10th frame.


$24.95 US dollars for a single user license. The single user license includes the right to use the product with up to 5 render nodes using Carrara 6.0 Pro or better. Pricing is also available for a render node site license for use with Grid.


Place your order online for Carrara using our secure server. Use the same link for PayPal, credit cards by fax or phone, and checks.

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